Local and Responsible

Hello flower lovers! I'm sharing this little arrangement to show you how you can use responsibly grown products in a big way!!  I used a cobalt blue pint jar and filled it with sunflowers, pincushions, delphinium, cornflower, magnolia and privet in this centerpiece design for round 8 tops (tables that seat 8).  The group loved how the bright and interesting flowers added to the positive vibe of the evening.  I was really happy to be able to show off some beautiful flowers in the gorgeous meeting rooms at the McConnell Foundation here in Redding.

Posted on May 6, 2015 .

What lies ahead?


Here goes the first post for the new year, no resolutions, no rants on the past and no weight loss advice, I PROMISE!!!!  All of the Christmas baubles are put away except for Mary Lou's star lights in my kitchen window, so nice at night when the house is dark and I stumble to fill up my Hydro Flask.  Yep, two of those puppies a day and if I don't get it all in, I'm THIRSTY.  As George Carlin said, "when did we all get so thirsty???"  Must be all the hidden salt... oh, and hormones.

Anyway, the succulents from an October wedding are rooting in mason jars on my windowsill and the bag of potting soil is waiting.  I have deconstructed the rosemary wreaths and pulled the dried herb for my last batch of Rosemary Maple Nuts.  I think the antlers that were wired in will become part of a March "mercury glass and wood" wedding!!! 

I'm planning to amp up the interest in dulceblomma.com by blitzing my Facebook friends and emailing everyone else, so be forewarned.  I hope to blog twice a month unless some burning idea can't be contained.  I'm looking at placing some large arrangements in very public places as donations to some awesome local causes, keep ya posted.

Posted on January 6, 2015 .